"This is a tool that should reside in every accountant's office.  Few accountants are aware of the grants available to their clients.  It's a minefield of federal, state, local, special purpose grants that seem to change almost daily.  ESS BIZGrants has done the hard work in bringing together all this information in an easy to use application.  If an accountant wants to make a client happy - get them some government money!  ESS BIZGrants is the tool that can quickly help accountants quickly assess whether a client might be able to access a grant".   

David Smith, Director, Smithink 2020 Pty Limited

(David Smith is Australia's most experienced specialist independent IT and process consultant having over 30 years involvement with accounting businesses.  He was managing partner of PKF, Sydney; he created PKF CRS and Superfund software, and coaches many small firms.  He was the 2003 National President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.  He has also conducted due diligence on many firms pre purchase.  He is the advisor to a number of suppliers to the accounting industry including MYOB, BankLink and Count Financial). 



 "We have integrated the BizGrants tool into our "Business Thinking" process that we communicate with our clients one on one each year.  We have found the tool easy to use and we will be monitoring client feedback as more and more client meetings are conducted".

 Jason Krenske, Partner, Ulton Chartered Accountants, Bundaberg - www.ulton.net